Install WordPress Themes From Dashboard

WordPress, most widely used blogging platform, has great functionality, customization, easy to use features. You can deliver your content in very flexible way by customizing default WordPress theme or installing readymade free and premium themes. Theme installation can be done by many methods, as listed below:

  • Install WordPress themes from WordPress Themes directory
  • Install theme from a theme copy on your computer, using Dashboard
  • By uploading to web server

All of above listed methods work perfectly. Today we are going to discuss second method to install WordPress themes. Follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to your WordPress blog wp-admin panel.
  2. Click Themes under Appearance tab.
    Install WordPress theme
    If you use WordPress Multi-site (WPMS) feature, then first go to Network Admin page ( using link on top-right site of Dashbaord. Under Themes section click Add New link.
    wordpress network feature
  3. Here you can find two tabs at top of page, Manage themes and Install themes. Click on Install Themes tab.
  4. If you have a downloaded copy of  your theme, click on Upload link.
  5. Browse zipped copy of theme file, select it and click Install button. This will upload your theme file to web server in WordPress themes directory.
    Upload WordPress themes
  6. After theme upload process completes you are asked to activate this theme, do it now or discard.

This theme is uploaded to your blog’s WordPress themes directory. When you want to use this theme activate it.

Video Tutorial:


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